Monday, May 16, 2011

...Finnish Lions.

Okay so this posting is gonna be in English 'cause it contains vital information to my international friends and it is mainly targeted to them.

And as title says, there in fact are Lions in Finland. There's actually a whole bunch of them. And of course I'm talking about these guys...

So Finnish ice hockey team the Lions (Leijonat) won the Ice Hockey World Championship last night and for some it's a big deal..or a HUGE deal (e.g. for my big brother). You could say ice hockey in general is a part of the Finnish identity. But now that we, everyone is getting crazy around the country.

We have won the title only twice. First time it was in 1995. We won Sweden 4-1 and it was seriously one of the biggest things in Finnish history. Why? I can't really say. Maybe it was because of the identity-thing or maybe it was because we tend to have a certain amount of grudge against Sweden because of our history. And since they call Finland 'lillebror' (littlebrother).
Now in year 2011, after 16 years, we won Sweden 6-1. You can imagine how happy sports fans are. And it feels really sweet since the swedes were talking smack about the Lions and they had to take those words back.

Last Sunday's paper it said "it's gonna be child's play" and they portrayed the lion cub with a pacifier. Today's paper said "Perkele, it was child's play" and the same cub eating the three crowns (if you don't know, it's the symbol of Sweden, Tre Kronor.

I watched the game and I was happy. I'm not the biggest ice hockey fan but I'm really proud of the team and their efforts. I can imagine what kind of pressure they must have had since Finns are so passionate about hockey. Today there is gonna be a huge party in Helsinki, but my life continues as usual, boring as always :D I think it's kinda funny how some take it so seriously, I'm just happy for the Lions, they seemed so happy after each goal and when they got the gold medals. I could not help but smile. And unlike some, I wouldn't get too cocky since Sweden has won the trofy like 8 times and Finland only twice.

Onnea Leijonat!

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