Tuesday, December 14, 2010

...airports and pizza Mondays.

Just to let you people know, I'm so not one of the guys anymore. I've cried like a little girl today. Thank god for waterproof mascara.

Airports are really weird places. They have so much going on there. People walking with their luggage looking so important and determined. There's also people who look really lost (like me if I had to travel alone). There are also so many feelings going on in airports. I've experienced the excitement of getting to experience something totally new, the nervousness of whether my luggage is going to be there or not, the confusion where to go and what to do, the joy of getting back a friend's parking permit (long story) and today the awfulness of goodbyes.
It just breaks my heart now to think that me and Toni are the last ones left in Pensacola. Well, we'll be the only ones left in few hours. But still. I've got to experience so many new things, but I didn't think that crying while eating pizza would be one of them.

Martin and Maurice, I'll miss you. I already do. Pensacola won't be the same without you guys!

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