Wednesday, December 15, 2010

...mixed feelings.

Today I haven't had that much time to think. We were in Destin since I had to say goodbye to the GUESS salesperson. (The trip had nothing to do with the shopping that we also did.) His name is Josh apparently.
Thank you Josh for taking my money every time I've come to Destin. Too bad I ran out of money and time.

Right now, like title says, my feelings are quite mixed:
- I'm really excited to get back home to see the fam again. It's gonna be interesting how Siru will react.
- I'm sad to leave this place. Leaving will mean that my life is going to change again.
- I'm really thankful and happy for all the experiences and new friends I got.
- Previous point is why my heart is breaking.
- I'm stressed about the fucking 28-hour trip back. I hope they won't lose my stuff.

There's like a thousand other emotions in my head as well. I'm concerned, impatient and a little upset. But there's nothing I regret.

Thank you for everyone for all the great memories that I got.

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