Monday, October 17, 2011

Put my love on top!

I can feel the sun whenever you're near.
Every time you touch me I just melt away.
Now everybody asks me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear.
They say love hurts.
But I know.
It's gonna take the real work.
Nothing's perfect, but it's worth it after fighting through my tears.
And finally you put me first.

Baby it's you.
You're the one I love.
You're the one I need.
You're the only one I see.
Come on baby it's you.
You're the one that gives your all.
You're the one I can always call.
When I need you make everything stop.
Finally you put my love on top.

Aivan järjettömän ihana biisi (lyriikat ♥), mahtava video ja mitkä muuvit! Beyonce rokkaa kyllä nuo kaikki asut ihan täysin!

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