Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here to Stay

Sehän on jo selvää, että olen hirmuinen Christina Aguilera fani, mutta yksi mun ainaisista suosikeistani on Christinan Here to Stay-kappale Back to Basics-albumilta. Sanoitukset saavat minut aina hyvälle mielelle ja muistan aikoinani työhaastatteluun marssiessani kuunnelleeni tätä ja tsemppasin itseni positiiviselle mielelle. Alla on kappaleen remix-versio, joka tehtiin Pepsin mainosta varten. Niin ja työpaikka napsahti.

Well everybody got an opinion now, don't they?
But it ain't no thing to me
it really don't make any difference now to me
if you don't like what you see
I pay no mind to the negative kind
cause it's just no way to be
I don't stop to please someone else's needs
Gonna live my life for me

I'm gonna keep on, gonna do my own thing
We all got a song that we're meant to sing
and no matter what people say, or might think
I ain't going no place, no I'm here to stay
Gonna keep on doing my thing
Cause whether they love or they're hatin' on me
I'll still be the same girl I used to be
And I ain't going no place, no I'm here to stay

I've never been the type to be shy
I know that some would say I'm too headstrong
But I'd rather be a woman who voices her mind
Whether you think I'm right or wrong
And I know some people wanna criticize
Makes them feel better about themselves
So say what you will
Time will reveal
In the end that I will be here still

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